Thinker. Tinkerer.

Hi I’m Jon 👋

A thinker and tinkerer, exploring alternatives to complex topics like education, work, democracy by combining theoretical literature and experimentation in my personal life.

Here you’ll find my latest thoughts in my latest podcasts, my talks, and my writings.

This is also the best place to get in touch with me about any enquiries for speaker or advisory work.

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"Welcome to The How Might We Podcast..."
Explore potential alternatives to complex issues by listening to the latest episode of The How Might We Podcast, where I interview other thinkers.

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Latest Episodes

#6 How might we build our brain with meditation?

Susana Novais
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#5 How might we grow through deliberation?

Richard Bartlett
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#4 How might we make old age beautiful?

Susana Antonio
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#3 How might we build a stateless society?

Elif Sarican
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#2 How might we help kids to grow wise?

Marcelo Valansi
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#1 How might we make chaos our friend?

Bruno Marion
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Visit the Talks page to watch content from talks I have given at events such as TEDx, Creative Mornings, How The Light Gets In Philosophy Festival at Hay and other conferences.
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Leave those kids alone: how freedom helps learning


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