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#3 How might we build a stateless society?

Elif Sarican

Elif Sarican is a political activist supporting the Rojava Revolution in Northern Syria where they are building a form of extremely direct democracy with a strong focus on gender equality. In this conversation we cover feminism, gender equality, the war in Syria, direct democracy and more. You can follow Elif's work on Twitter @elifxeyal, she has also provided a reading list which is at the bottom of this episode description.

Photo by Eddie Stigson on Unsplash - https://unsplash.com/@eddiestigson

Reading List

For more information, Elif recommends you check:
• komun-academy.com
• kurdishquestion.com

You can also download these PDF’s for a better understanding of Democratic Confederalism - history and background.:
• War and Peace in Kurdistan: www.freeocalan.org/wp-content/uplo…n-Kurdistan.pdf
• Democratic Confederalism: www.freeocalan.org/wp-content/uplo…nfederalism.pdf
• Liberating Life: Women’s Revolution: www.freeocalan.org/wp-content/uplo…g-Lifefinal.pdf
• Democratic Nation: ocalan-books.com/downloads/democratic-nation.pdf
• You can also order the Revolution in Rojava book from here: www.plutobooks.com/9781783719884/r…tion-in-rojava/
• My Whole Life Was a Struggle (The iconic memoir by one of the first female fighters of the PKK): www.plutobooks.com/9780745338019/sara/

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